Shukratal Ancient Banyan Tree

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Shukratal (Shukteerth) is a historical place with religious importance. For Centuries, however the importance of the ancient site has remained obscure.
Revered Swami Kalyandev Maharaj has made concerted efforts, dedicated and sacrifices his entire life spread over three centuries(late nineteenth, whole of twentieth and early part of twenty-first century) in unfolding the mystery of importance of this holy place.
Shukteerth and Shrimad Bhagvad are synonymous with each other. This was the place where Shrimad Bhagwad was first delivered by Rishi Shukdevji.

This website seeks to recreate the history of Shukteerth and the holy story that was born here. It also answers all the related to the holy place and its story.

Nimnaganam yatha ganga
Puranamidam tatha
Ksetranam chav servesham
Yatha kasi hyanuttama
Tatha puranvartanam
Srimad-bhagavatam dvijah

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