Ganesh Dhaam

In Ganesh is Ganeshadhipati and counters all obstacles and bestows all successes. Ganesh is remembered at the outset of all auspicious occasions.

Overwhelmed with zealous spirit, a religious personality Lala Shukhbir Singh ji and a generous and social worker Lala Lakshmi Chand Singhal ji, both resident of Muzaffarnagar, consecrated the celestial idol of Ganesha which is 35 feet high.

This idol of Ganesha is unique by itself. On its left side the holy river Tripatha is flowing and on its right side is vat vriksh, located in Shukdeva Teela and on its back side is a huge idol of Pawanputra Hanumanji. These all add one more feather to the beauty of the idol of Ganesha.