Akshya Aat Vriksh

Towering at a height of 150 feet, this five-thousand-one-hundred (5100) year old Akshay Vriksh(Banyan Tree) is verdant even today. Casting soothing shadows and a sense of ‘quiet’ upon the temple premises. Its branches appear like hands showering blessings on devotees. The vat vriksh is perceived as a living symbol of Shukadevji by his followers. Like other vat Vrikshas, fibrous parasitical roots do not emerge from this ancient tree. The mythology that surrounds the vat vriksh has turned it into an eternal symbol of forgiveness and peace.

According to mythology, about 5000 years ago, Sage Shukdev, had recited the Shrimad bhagwat Katha for seven days to King Parikshit, the grandson of Arjun. The banyan tree under which the sage recited this is known as the Akshayavat which means the Undying Tree. The uniqueness of this tree as it’s name suggests is that it does not shed leaves.